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One Life Options Co. reviews

Website: onelifeoption.com

One-Life Options Co. is ran by high performing options traders with proven, consistent return rates. Our academy is determined to provide you the education you need to become financially independent simply by trading options. The education we provide instills trader psychology, risk management, and the technical skills you will need to have an edge in the markets. In our full options trading course, you will learn how to navigate the stock market using some of our proprietary trading strategies while having the confidence that our mentors will be with you every step of the way. No matter your level of experience, our trading methodologies are designed to boost your confidence, boost your portfolio, and improve your trading performance. Our goal at One-Life Options Co. is to provide any level of trader, beginner or advanced, the tools they need to become a consistently profitable trader. TRADING IS A BUSINESS, AND YOU NEED TO BE PROPERLY EDUCATED TO BE ABLE TO MAKE CONSISTENT PROFITS Trading is not easy, and that is why I do not sell short and useless courses. I am offering a full-blown 3 tiers cutting edge trading education. In my opinion, knowing proper technical analysis constitutes only about 10-20% of long=term trading success. The rest 70-80% are made up of crucial trading aspects such as trading psychology, risk management, money management, development of strict personal algorithms, personal trading statistics, correct understanding of “value of money,” correct mindset, correct expectations, correct understanding of trading in general and so on. Only then dry technical and fundamental market analysis. Sounds complicated, I know. But don’t worry, all you need is a little bit of patience and my guidance. I will guide you through each of these crucial steps to trading success! I PREPARE YOU TO FACE THE BRUTAL REALITIES OF THE FINANCIAL MARKETS If you expect trading to be easy, you will quit after a few failures. On the other hand, setting correct expectations and preparing yourself psychologically will help you bear through the hardest part of your trading career – the beginning. That is why I always say that the technical aspects of trading are significant. But without, for example, correct psychology, absolutely any profitable trading system will be useless. I could teach you technical analysis relatively fast. However, you would still fail without proper psychological preparation, mentorship, and many other non-technical aspects of trading. My 3 tiers focus on the 3 important aspects to trading that form the 3 legs of the trading edge!! OUR HOLY GRAIL METHODOLOGY MENTALITY As far as technical analysis is concerned, remember, there is no simple “pattern” or “structure” that will continuously make you money. My concept of trading is very different. I do not stick to one “simple” pattern because it will stop working eventually, and I do not like to lose money. SO I WILL TEACH YOU ON HOW TO ADAPT TO EVERY MARKET CONDITION AND STILL COME UP ON TOP. ONCE YOU MASTER THE SKILL OF “THE HOLY GRAIL” YOU WILL BE FREE TO TRADE ANY STRUCTURE OF ANY MARKET ON ANY GIVEN DAY OF THE YEAR The market is constantly changing, sometimes daily. I stick to the concept of understanding and explaining almost any market movement & CONDITION. There are no coincidences in the market, every price movement has a reason and explanation. Yes, it is a bit more difficult than “one simple structure”; however, that is something that will enable you to have a fighting chance at the financial markets. Everything else is just a waste of time so focus and take action and think about the bigger picture that will propel you the next level of your trading career.