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Pettable was founded by pet lovers – people who know our pets are family and who value the peace of mind of being able to take them anywhere. That’s where Pettable comes in. We believe that staying connected to your pets is key to both their well-being and your own. We connect individuals like you with qualified mental health professionals in their state who are qualified to prescribe ESA Letters. Why Pettable? 1. We guarantee our letters will work for you. We offer a money back guarantee because we believe keeping your pet with you should be stress free. If for some reason your letter does not work (which is extremely rare if you have been approved through Pettable’s process) we will refund your money 100%. 2. We’re compliant with federal and state laws. At Pettable, we’ve taken every step to ensure our operations are legally compliant for housing and travel. 3. World Class Mental Health Professionals. We have an incredibly deep network of experienced mental health professionals, which ensures your consultations and letters will work as well as give us the flexibility to meet any timeline. 4. We work in your state We’ve assembled a network of top mental health specialists who can officially prescribe an ESA Letter where you live. ‍ 5. Unparalleled customer support If there are any questions from a landlord or travel organization who may require additional documentation, we have you covered. Our customer service team is available to speak with you 7 days a week 9AM-5PM ET. Call us: 855-920-0323. ‍ 6. Best In Class Legal Support Our legal team is on standby to help with any and all challenges that might arise with landlords, airlines, or other accommodation requests. This is an extremely helpful resource in the unlikely event we need to ensure our letters are accepted.