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Teladoc reviews

Website: www.teladoc.com

Hello, we’re Teladoc Health. From a new approach to primary care, to proven mental health solutions, to making overwhelming health conditions more manageable, we’re changing the face of healthcare. We care for the whole person – and we’ve been doing it across the globe for 20 years, using our experience to innovate and serve you better. We offer an unprecedented model of virtual-first healthcare – personalized and data-driven. We consider every aspect that makes you, you. That means, it’s easier to get the support you need to better understand and improve your health. To meet your individual needs, we provide access to a broad care team including physicians, nurses, specialists, nutritionists and health coaches. In addition, we offer a suite of connected devices that provide personalized data to manage ongoing health conditions like diabetes and hypertension. We’ll get you the care you need, including referrals to in-person physicians and prescription refills. With these tools at your fingertips, it’s easier to resolve health issues quickly, improve habits and improve wellness. But, it’s not just about ease. It’s about clarity. Learn more about your health; achieve more with your health. We’re excited to partner with you on your health journey.